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Less is more – sometimes…

You probably found this website through one of my other internet projects like the old Malt Madness site, Weird Planet Magazine or Cinemaginarium. Since 1995 I’ve been developing websites on my PC before uploading them to the world wide web, but that approach had one fundamental flaw: PC’s tend to break down after a few years. Whenever that happened, I was forced to rebuild my websites from scratch.

As a self-confessed control freak I’m still not a big fan of WordPress and ‘responsive websites’, but now that my latest PC has started to show signs of imminent trouble I decided to try and move my efforts into ‘the cloud’. However, trying to update the content of thousands of pages and fit them into a single site is no easy task, so it will take some time before things are up and running.

The first problem I’m struggling with is the loss of detail on the small screens of mobile phones. Perhaps I’m not willing to have PC users ‘suffer’ for the benefit of smart phone users…

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Or check out https://j0hannes.com/whisky-map/ for a test of the Malt Madness migration.


FYI, I’m now testing the new
Gutenberg editor
One advantage is that it makes
working with tables easier.