Confessions of a Control Freak

 January 1, 2018 – Bye Bye NetObjects Fusion
Since the middle of the 1990s I’ve been developing and maintaining websites on a wide variety of topics. After working (and dabbling) in ‘paper’ publishing for a few years, it became obvious to me that communication via digital media would be much more effective – not to mention ‘greener’.

So, I started developing ‘static’ websites like the old Malt Madness site and Cinemaginarium. This kept me happy for two decades – partly because old fashioned tools like NetObjects Fusion gave me (near) ‘pixel-perfect’ control over the way text and images were displayed on computer screens in most browsers. That way, I could determine the way my ‘message’ was presented – just the way I liked it.

However, at some point people decided that it wasn’t enough for phones to be mobile – they had to be ‘smart’ as well. Pretty soon some of those people also wanted to browse the internet with their smart phones – and they didn’t seem to mind that their devices came with tiny screens. Because those devices could only display about 10% of the information of a large computer screen, web pages had to become ‘responsive’. This means that information is displayed differently on different devices – i.e. far less control over the presentation of webpages.  That was a hard pill to wallow for a control freak like me.

On the other hand, there was one significant problem with the first generations of web development tools. A website had to be built ‘locally’ on a specific computer before being uploaded to the world wide web. The eventual demise of a PC often meant that you had to rebuild a site from scratch as well. Maintaining a website ‘in the cloud’ seemed like a more attractive proposition every time my PC showed signs of breaking down.

Meanwhile, maintaining a bunch of different websites has become more expensive over the years. While costs for (SSL) hosting have gone up, advertising revenue has declined for virtually every site – and developing an app only makes sense if you can reasonably expect to sell at least a few thousand of them.

Anyway – to cut a very long (and fairly boring) story short: now that my PC has started to act up again, I’ve decided to ‘consolidate’ my various web projects and try to fit the content into a single WordPress website.



Sorry about the chaos

July 1, 2017 – The devil farted in my face once more…

I’ve been using versions of NetObjects Fusion since the late 1990s to maintain several websites, and after the latest crash of the Malt Madness site I foolishly hoped that I could get the old website reconstructed before I was forced to switch to more modern tools like WordPress.

I couldn’t – and I therefor am…

Even though NetObjects offered me the opportunity to place every pixel where I wanted it, the tool isn’t very stable. Suddenly losing an hour of work because the program freezes is quite frustrating – as is the fact that you can only use so much external links. And because you’re not working directly in ‘the cloud’, the eventual crash of my current PC will also mean that I will be unable to maintain that site. Unless I start from scratch again, I will not be able to keep Malt Madness up to date in the future.

So, now I am going to use this ‘spare’ personal site (the main site at still works) to re-acquaint myself with WordPress and hopefully bend it to my will.

You will be able to see for yourself whether or not I succeed…